Terms and Conditions

The Student Energy Project reserve the right to remove any student from the project, resulting in the discarding of any accumulated points.

The Student Energy Project reserve the right to change and alter any points totals in-line with any data corrections that would result in a different points total being awarded. New/corrected information, consumption data or demographics can all result in points corrections.

The Student Energy Project have the right to revoke the claim of any student who is not confirmed by their accommodation to have resided in their registered room for the duration of their Move IN- Move OUT dates.

The Student Energy Project have the right to terminate the account of any registered student with immediate effect if reported to have been abusive towards a member of TSEP staff, a TSEP Rep or a member of accommodation staff in conjunction or relation to TSEP. All points and claims will be voided.


How does TSEP monitor your Energy & Water Consumption?

This can vary and can depend on how many meters and what type of meters you have in your accommodation. If you see your consumption increasing in daily increments, then you have Half hourly data and you can view this in great detail on a daily basis. If your consumption increases by monthly chunks of data, then your site are taking meter readings and then providing us with your consumption. Either way, you receive points in exactly the same way once all data is in the system.

Why am I not awarded points for my individual efforts?

How the project operates is governed by the metering set up in your residence. If you are awarded points on a collective basis, this is because there is one meter servicing your whole block. We would love to award you individually but this isn’t possible currently. However, we have tailored the project to encourage you on a collective scale, so keep encouraging your flatmates and neighbours and you will see those points increasing!

Why does my advised usage line change?

Your advised usage line will change if it is a utility that is effected by weather. If it has been unusually warm or cold for a month, in comparison to how warm or cold it was in that same month the year previous, then we ‘Weather Correct’ to provide you with a fairer target that is more in-line with what you should have consumed. This change happens at the end of the month – so be sure to login at the beginning of each month to check how you got on the previous month!

How do the reward vouchers work?

All vouchers will be either charity donations or an E-voucher that you can redeem in the form of an online code. Once points claims are processed, you will receive your e-voucher through to the email address your account is registered with.

When will I receive my voucher?

The process of claiming rewards can take a while. Though we would love to provide you with your hard-earned rewards as soon as possible, we do have a few admin things to address. As a result, we will be providing you with your rewards in early August. This will enable you to maximize the amount of savings you can make, and then gives us enough time to ensure your eligibility with your accommodation provider.

I’m moving out early – what should I do about my reward?

You will have the opportunity to claim in the weeks leading up to the date you set as your ‘Move Out’ date when you registered. If you are moving rooms or leaving your accommodation early, please get in contact with info@studentenergyproject.com to explain your situation so we can best accommodate for you.

My points total has changed – why is that?

Your points total will likely change a lot over the year. If you under consume, you will accumulate points, however if you then over use your utilities then you will lose some of those points (depending on how much you overuse by!) There could also be changes to your points as TSEP receives data changes from your accommodation. All points are subject to change through any data alterations and corrections that we receive.

Still have questions?

Get in contact with TSEP! info@studentenergyproject.com is happy to take your questions and one of our TSEP Elves will get back to you as soon as possible!