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Being a TSEP Rep and the journey

Being a TSEP Rep and the journey

Now this is a story all about how, our Reps flip our Project upside down… We’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there And we’ll tell you all about our Reps – just grab a chair!

At TSEP, the roles our Reps are invaluable- they help channel the message of TSEP to the student community whilst providing an on-the-ground, friendly face to the Project.

Our Reps encourage student peers to get involved in our competitions, read blogs, and register to the Project, all the while helping to promote sustainable energy consumption Last year, Alyson was a TSEP Rep for us at Singleton Campus, Swansea University. She promoted the Project alongside studying for her Geography degree! By dedicating a couple of hours a month, she was able to visit student halls, attend Swansea’s TSEP Energy Week and welcome students on arrivals weekend. Through these activities, she helped host some fun games and interactive activities, whilst encouraging students to register to the project.

By getting her foot in the door as a rep, Alyson actually went on to secure a job with TSEP- she is now based with us as part of an energy consultancy in Cardiff, where she manages a number of clients- including her old university!

This year, Abdullah has been working as a Rep at Jordanstown Campus, Ulster University. When talking about being a rep, Abdullah says:

“Being a TSEP Rep has definitely changed a few things for me. Think of a PHD student who spends most of his time in front of his laptop and is hardly sociable… after a month, I have good communication with students in halls and university. The most amazing part is this communication not only improves my social life, but serves a good purpose to raise awareness for energy saving.

Through being a TSEP Rep, I have also won a prize for Rep of the Month, which encourages and motivates me to work harder for the cause. This amazing experience which contributed in my personal skills will surely reflect on all part of my life in future in a positive manner!”

Every month we award a TSEP Rep with a £50 voucher, as well as providing them with a personal reference, CV experience and a chance to complete a free e-learning course! If this sounds up your street, get in touch at