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The benefits volunteering can bring to a student

The benefits volunteering can bring to a student

As a devotee of student volunteering, The Student Energy Project have decided to dedicate this blog to the benefits volunteering can bring you!

Students who volunteer report that they develop better time management, people skills and a feeling of satisfaction and improved mental well-being.

What’s more, volunteering can really help enrich your degree!

Most employers look for additional extras alongside a degree. Invaluable work experience and a clear demonstration of time management of extra commitments will really make you stand out from other applicants.

Not only can volunteering help ‘bulk up’ your CV, but it can also be a powerful networking tool.

Through volunteering, you are opening yourself up to potential future employers, or those who can recommend you to the right person. Contacts can be a powerful tool in the grown-up world of work- take last year’s Swansea rep for example…

Alyson was a TSEP Rep at Swansea University during the latter half of her degree. By dedicating a couple of hours a month, she was able to become one of the University’s most successful reps, helping out at registration campaigns and establishing herself as a friendly face on campus.

Through her role as a rep, Alyson was made aware of a position we had available at The Student Energy Project HQ. It was the previous experience and the skills she had enhanced through her role as a rep that meant she nailed her interview and bagged a pretty cool role with us! Now, one of Alyson’s tasks is to update our volunteering page on a regular basis. Here, we display several opportunities we hand-pick for you. There should be an opportunity close to every location TSEP operate at- so if somewhere is missing one, give us a shout and we’ll be sure to sort it out! Don’t forget, to access our volunteering opportunities and other benefits, register your room