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Due to a rapidly-growing population and a consumerist society, our water resources are becoming ‘stressed’, despite water being considered a renewable source of energy.

As clean water is easily available to us students living in all-inclusive halls, we do not realise the cost and process of having clean water readily available to us.

Therefore, to save on the hike in the water bills in the future, here are some cool and alternative ways where a small investment and a change in lifestyle made today will help shape a better future.

Installation of rainwater harvesting systems

These can be installed in large buildings as well as houses. Rainwater is harvested which can then be used as a local water source.

Tech is your friend...

In this generation of technology, where sensor-based taps have been widely installed, no one forgets to turn off taps anymore, preventing loss of water through carelessness or dripping taps. Just like these, a 60-second shower sensor has been also developed, but is not as widely used, as most of us are not aware of this. The system works where a button is pressed, the shower turns on for 60 seconds and then turns off. This way, instead of standing under the shower for a while and wasting running water whilst you think about life, you can maximise your time spend scrubbing and shampooing! Installing these can be a little expensive but it is certainly a rewarding one.

Be savvy

Making use of commercial car wash instead of using your hose. Like opting for community transport instead of driving yourself, why not opt for community cleaning instead of washing your vehicle yourself?

Act fast!

Report a water leak, burst pipe and dripping taps as soon as possible, to prevent further loss of water and save what can be saved, as already a lot of clean water would have been wasted and more being wasted with every second passing by.

To conclude; start thinking outside the box and feeling the need to save water from now. As they say- ‘what we save today is what we earn tomorrow!’