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Stopping the cold weather from driving up your energy consumption- A TSEP Rep Blog

Stopping the cold weather from driving up your energy consumption- A TSEP Rep Blog

Winter is here, and as students, we may be tempted to ramp up our radiators and flick those switches to ‘on’. For those who live in halls where your bills are inclusive, this won’t take a second thought. For those who live in a shared house- that electricity bill is going to be big one!

Whatever your living situation, everybody prefers either to save money or spend it elsewhere – and you’re not going to live in all-inclusive halls forever, right?

Therefore, I have some suggestions for warming you up, saving money AND, at the same time, the planet! And remember- even if your bills are all inclusive- these tips will help drive up those points your gathering through TSEP, going towards vouchers, a group party or charity, depending on your accommodation.

  1. First of all, like my grandmother used to say- “layer up like an onion” - meaning wear more clothes; even tights underneath jeans or even double socks to keep you warm! (you can even wear ear muffs at the house and gloves - no judgment here)

  2. “Smaller spaces mean warmer spaces” is what I keep repeating in order for my roommates to close doors behind them… having closed doors, the warmth is trapped in the room- keeping you and your friends warmer!

  3. Nobody likes going into a freezing bed at night, so having a hot water bottle makes you to want to jump inside the warmth of your bed (alternative a wheat pack). For the morning? Have a fluffy warm robe to wrap yourself up after getting out of the warmth of your bed is a smart move.

  4. Having plenty of blankets and sofa throws lying around is a good idea, so you can wrap up yourself quickly whenever. I also suggest even having an electric blanket instead of switching on the heating- (but check with your building first, and always bear safety in mind!)

  5. Rugs - because walking on a cold floor is a nightmare!

  6. Check and block any drafts – draft stoppers can act as a barrier to the cold air outside- and they come in some really cute and attractive designs! If you’re stretched on a student budget, a towel works just as well.

  7. If it is sunny- have your curtains open for the heat to come in (also giving you a warmer, more attractive living space). If it’s not sunny, or a cold day, closing your curtains will maximise your living space’s potential to retain heat, keeping it nice and toasty.

  8. “Coffee or tea?” What is better than drinking a warm beverage when you are cold, right? One thing to remember though- only fill the kettle with enough water for your drink- overfilling it will not only take longer, but use more kilowatts per hour, meaning more energy used on an unnecessary amount of water!

  9. Last but not least cuddle up- either with your partner, your friend, your pet - or even with the hot water bottle!

I hope these tips equip you for the future and help get you think about ways in which you could reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Max Hadjiioannou