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SAVING ENERGY- Winter Series- Icy Air!

SAVING ENERGY- Winter Series- Icy Air!

Number 2 in our blog series. This week we bring you some tips to block the cold air in your room! BBbbrrrrrrr.

SEAL THE DAUGHT: You would be ‘blown away’ by the number of draughts that can be found in an average room, but there are loads of ways that you can defeat these energy inefficient annoyances.

From sealant and polyfiller for blocking wall cracks to sealant strips for the windows and a good old fashioned draught excluder, there are loads of ways you can save energy on heat – even a keyhole disc and a letterbox cover could go a long way to making a difference!

SHUT THE DOOR: closing your internal doors will keep the heat in as well as preventing the cold air from circulating through unoccupied rooms.

CONTROL YOUR CURTAINS: Opening your curtains is an important way of efficiently heating your room. If you have south facing windows they are sure to let more light – and therefore heat – in, and shutting them at night will help to stop that heat from escaping as quickly.