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Growing up in the United Kingdom I was used to cold winters. To eat yourself silly then get wrapped up in 3 coats and a scarf by your mum and sent for a walk around the block after Christmas lunch. Why you may ask, I think she just wanted us out of the house, but her reasoning was the cold air would do us good before we sat down for dessert.

It has been funny seeing my Australian friends embracing or trying to embrace these winter months this festive season. Warm coats and gloves have had to be purchased. But it is also a magical time and there's something about going to look at Christmas lights in the cold, whereas last year I was trudging down the street in shorts and a t-shirt. Looking at the Christmas lights underneath the gum trees as the weather lingered at a balmy 34degrees…

Perhaps it’s the influence of films and the box office/Netflix hits, that draws that link between winter and Christmas. All I know is that it’s a wonderful time of year to eat too many mince pies from Marks and Spencers, pretend to like mulled wine with my Gran and sit next to the fire (or heater), staying toasty next to the Christmas tree.

In Scotland and Australia, being in two different hemispheres, the seasons are opposite. This is because of the angle of the earth's axis. In the summer period of the northern hemisphere, the angle of the earth is titled towards the sun as it rotates, contrastingly in Australia during our festive period. The northern hemisphere is angled away from the sun, meaning summer down under means extremely hot Christmas' and frizzy hair for all of those who suffer from humidity hair (myself included).

A wrapping reminder! Get out your #instaworthy festive brown paper packages tied up with string this year. 100 million rolls of wrapping paper are sold in the UK each Christmas, that’s enough paper to wrap around the equator 9 times! So, remember to reuse paper or paper bags, be eco-smart when purchasing (avoid single use plastics) and light up the night with solar or LED fairy lights!

Many thanks, Hannah Jane