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Let's Roll Out the Renewables - A TSEP Rep Blog

Let's Roll Out the Renewables - A TSEP Rep Blog

In 2017, rather than Europe or North America, the leading economies in the drive for renewable energy were nations such as China, Brazil, Argentina and Egypt.

The president of the African Development Bank Dr Akinwumi believes Africa is set to become a world leader in renewable energy. This bank is leading a programme called 'Desert to Power' hoping to generate 10,000 Megawatts of solar energy and provide electricity to 250 million people.

In countries facing drought, some companies are providing sustainable solutions. Brewgooder is an online lager retailer donating 100% of profits to clean water projects and for every 24-pack sold, provides a person with clean drinking water. So far 60 projects have been funded since 2016 helping provide water to 33,000 people in Malawi. #Drinkbeergivewater

Power2Africa is another company running alongside TSEP, launched in 2017 they have given hundreds of people access to clean power through shower blocks and an internet café that run off electricity generated by solar power. The mission of this organisation is to give people access to electricity that can change their lives by extending days with lighting, purify water, power technology and so much more.

Bangladesh is set to receive a $20 million (U.S), loan from the Asian Development Bank Power System Efficiency Improvement Project to finance off-grid solar powered water pumps for agricultural irrigation. Power outages and high electricity costs effect small farmers across the country and this affordable pump is thought to mitigate those risks and reduce pollution.

Across the world, developing nations are leading the way in innovative energy production and consumption, although non-renewables dominate, there has been exponential growth in sustainable projects in recent years which is hopefully indicative of future patterns.

Stay energy efficient wildlife warriors!

Yours Sincerely, Hannah Jane