How it works

Register your room

Register your room

Start by signing up and registering your room on our system so we can monitor your usage. Once you’re registered, all you need to do is login to monitor how much energy you’re using.

Reduce energy usage

Reduce your energy usage

Login and monitor your energy and water usage. If you use less than the expected usage, we’ll add points to your account. We’ve got helpful tips on how you can reduce your energy usage on your dashboard.

Earn & claim rewards

Claim your reward

Once you start earning points, you can “cash” these in for any reward of your choice. Whether you need a new pair of kicks or brain food for a study night, we have a variety of rewards to choose from.

Save energy, get rewards

At The Student Energy Project, we know how hard it is being a student. You’re away from home, you have to do your own washing, and most importantly... you have no money.

Well, we’ve come up with a very simple solution! The less energy you use in your accommodation, the more rewards you’ll earn. It’s as simple as that!

Sign up today, and complete 4 simple steps:

1. Select your site

2. Select your block

3. Select your room

4. Fill in your details

Then, you’ll be ready to start saving energy and collecting your rewards points! Register and start earning today.

Once you’re registered, you will be able to log into your own personal profile, and watch as your energy consumption goes down and your reward points go up!

energy saving for students


If you have any questions, please contact the team on 02920 007 629 or email